Got a funny/interesting experience to share ?

Send it here. This is a collection of true anecdotes that relate to people of Indian origin in other countries or of people of other countries in India.

From: Shivram ([email protected]) The post reminds me of the time I was travelling to Okhlahoma. The kid next to me was very curious about me. My color and features did not indicate if I was white or black or hispanic. He kept looking at me...until curiosity got the better of him. He asked if I spoke spanish. I said No. He kept quite for a couple of seconds. He asked me what language I spoke. I then asked to take a guess. By then he was fidgeting like crazy.... He asked me if was american. I said yes (a lie). That seemed to confuse him even more. His brows were furrowed as frowned very hard. When I finally told him that I was from india, his face lightened up. He smiled from ear to ear. He was very excited and began asking questions like a machine gun. Do have snakes...Tigers....have you seen them...have you touched them..have you ridden an you have coca-cola. Are all indians vegetarian.... Did the guy who built the Taj Mahal cut of his people's hands..... How is it possible for to speak english... Why do women have red dots. I was surprised that even though his questions were stereotypical.... he did know something about india. For a change. And this kid was only about 12. I told him yeah we have snakes...but they are O.K. The tigers are even better... They are very friendly.....They come close to you and sniff you... If you are vegetarian they leave you alone. But if you eat meat then they will eat you. That's why most indians are vegetarian. Why do women wear dots....? Each dot is unique. Since most indian women are very beautiful their husbands might be confused so they look at each dot to identify their wives. Also at night the dots will a flashlight. We regularly ride elephants. They are big but very gentle. The ones that are not gentle we use in bucking elephant rides...just like the rodeos here. His eyes grew bigger and bigger. As for coke I was first made out of india. But indians didn't like it much. So the americans bought it and named it coke (from coconut). The king who built the taj mahal...on seeing the taj mahal so beautiful...cut of the hands of the people so that nobody could touch it and thereby dirty it ot destroy it. And I told him more and more about india. He was shaking his head in amazement when I disembarked. Shivram.
From: Paul E Jeganthan ([email protected]) My sister was married and had 2 teenage children when she came to the USA. Shortly after she went to an all Am wedding. The young male usher approached her and took her hand to lead her into the church, as this is the custom in the country. My sis stared at him, pulled her hand from him and told him, "I am married"!
From: Soumit Sahana ([email protected]) An introduction. My name is Soumit Sahana . I am a Bengalee from Cacutta. I have been located in the United Kingdom for the last 6 months and will be here for the major part of the next 3 years unless I alter my career plans. While working with Fujitsu-ICL I had worked in Honkong but this is my first experience of living in the loony west on a long-term basis. I wanted to share with you my observations about Indians using community gyms ( which are really affiliated to universities / youth associations ). The first agenda on many of my Indian counterparts' minds after arriving here seems to be 'to look good'. Thus we have both middle-aged fathers and young sloppy freshly-graduated kiddos all sweating it out in the gym in an effort to catch the eyes of some oversexed middle-aged equally desperate goris . They have a sort of herding mentality in that they always go to the gym together and all go through the same exercises though physically they may be a range of 5ft/100kg to 6ft/50kgs. More interesting perhaps are the way in which they oggle gori flesh while whispering to each other in Hindi that Indian girls are much prettier and have better skin/hair/whatever. While using the showers they are the only lot who do not strip completely . Theres one bloke I know, who wears a peach coloured VIP in there. They also always , never use gels and carry soggy soap cakes in grocery-polybags under their arms for their ablutions. While bathing the soap cakes inevitably make it to the floor and there are a lot of deshis groping around and sickly 'eckhkuz mes' . Some of these characters visit the gym only for the bathing facilities , either lacking or trying to save on hot water at home. They share 40p cokes and ?1 hair dryers amongst 6 and talk knowledgeably about Linford Christies . And of course they never remember to get all their towels / combs and talk of how Indians are a more friendly lot as they would share anything with friends ( including the 12p tissue pack at 2p each ) cheers , Soumit