+============== ADDRESSING INDIAN SITES FROM OUTSIDE INDIA ==============+
  |                                                                        |
  |  If you are at a site that can     |   [email protected]         |
  |  handle domains                    |                                   |
  |  If you are at a site that uses    |   ...!uunet!FQDN!USER             |
  |  UUCP-style addresses              |                                   |
  |  Where: FQDN   -  is the Fully Qualified Domain Name for the site.     |
  |                   e.g. or             |
  |         USER   -  recipient's mail name on the destination host.       |
  |         SITE   -  recipient's site name on the (ERNET) network.        |
  |         DEPT   -  recipient's department under           |
  |                                                                        |
  |  Note:  Users using the C-shell under Unix systems may have to quote   |
  |         the "!" characters when using a UUCP-style mail address.  This |
  |         can be done by using "\!" in place of "!".                     |

     The following list is by no means complete.  Each site is
     required to have a postmaster who can answer general
     inquiries about users/hosts/subdomains at that site. Pl. send
     email to [email protected] for queries about a particular 
     site. For general queries send email to ERNET help-desk at
     [email protected]

+ International e-mail gateway. via UUNET, USA
# Site(s) connected to BITNET as well. via CERN, Geneva
* Site(s) having a sub-domain (The list of known domains is given)
? Connectivity to this site is being verified
====       ===================================

cee	Centre for Environment Education	Ahmedabad
cerc    Consumer Education & Research Centre.   
iimahd  Indian Institute of Management		
infahd  Inflibnet Program	Ahmedabad
ipr     IPR 				
irs     Institute of Reservoir Studies	Ahmedabad
ldce    LD College of Engineering
nictas  NICTAS 
nioh    National Institute of Occupational Health       Ahmedabad
plasma  Institute for Plasma Research
prl     Physical Research Laboratory
sac     Space Applications Centre

amu     Aligarh Muslim University

mri     Mehta Research Institute
mnrec   Dept. of Electronic Engg., Motilal Nehru Regional Engineering 
        College, Univ.of Allahabad 

gndu    Guru Nanak Dev University,	Amritsar

antar   UUCP account for antartica	
maitri  Indian Antarctica station	Antarctica

cedt    Centre for Electronics Design and Technology
mitau   Marathwada Institute Of Techonlogy.	Aurangabad

ada     ADA	Bangalore
ade     Aeronautical Development Establishment,	Bangalore
aicteb	All India Council for Technical Education,	Bangalore
aftc	Air Force Technical College
asltcs	Aerospace Systems Limited, 	Bangalore
cabs	Centre for Air Borne Systems (CABS)
cair	Centre for AI & Robotics
cdacb   Centre for Development of Advanced Computing
cdotb   Centre for the Development of Telematics
cmcbang Computer Maintenance Coporation
cmmacs  Centre for Math Modelling & Comp. Simulation
cmti    Central Machine Tools Institute
crlbel  Central Research Laboratory, Bharat Elec. Ltd.
csirb   Council for Scientific & Industrial Research
creac	Chief Residential Enginner - Aircrafts	Bangalore
dotbang	Karnataka Telcom Ltd,	Bangalore
dsi	Deutsche Software (I) Pvt . Ltd.	Bangalore
elxsi   Tata Elxsi Ltd.
etdcb   Electronics Test & Development Agency.
frlht	Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Traditions,	Bangalore
gistbang GIST,	Bangalore
ias	Indian Academy of Sciences	Bangalore
iiap    Indian Institute of Astrophysics
iimb    Indian Institute of Management
*iisc   Indian Institute of Science (IISc)
 `---->>   admin      Administration
           aero       Aerospace Engineering
           agni       IGIDR
           astra      Ctr for Appln. of Sci & Tech to Rural Areas
           biochem    Bio-Chemistry
           cadl       Computer Aided Design Lab
           caf        Central Animal Facility
           cce        Centre For Continuing Education
           ccf        Central Cryogenic Facility
           cedt       Centre For Electronic Design & Tech.
           ces        Centre For Ecological Sciences
           cge        Centre For Genetic Engineering
           chemeng    Chemical Engineering
           civil      Civil Engineering
           csa        Computer Science & Automation
           csic       Centre For Scientific & Indl. Consultancy
           cts        Centre For Theoretical Studies
           dbgl       Developmental Biology Lab
           ece        Electrical Communication Engineering
           ee         Electrical Engineering
           fls        Foreign Languages Section
           hve        Highvoltage Engineering
           ipc        Inorganic & Physical Chemistry
           isu        Instrumentation & Services Unit
           jatp       Joint Advanced Tech. Programme
           jnc        Jawaharlal Nehru Centre
           kashi      Prof Rajaraman, IISC, kbcs, Project  
           kbcs       KBCS Group
           math       Mathematics
           mbu        Molecular Biophysics Unit
           mcbl       Microbiology & Cell Biology
           mecheng    Mechanical Engineering
           metalrg    Metallurgy
           mgmt       Management Studies
           micro      Microprocessor Applications Lab
           mrc        Materials research Centre
           ncsi       National Centre for Scientific Information
           nias       National Institute Of Advanced Studies
           orgchem    Organic Chemistry
           physics    Physics
           prl        Primate Research Lab
           serc       Supercomputer Education & Res. Centre
           sif        Sophisticated instruments Facility
           sscu       Solid State & Structural Chemistry Unit

isac    ENSD Tech-Physics, ISRO Satellite Centre, Department of Space 
isibang	Indian Statistical Institute
isro	Indian Space Research Organisation
istrac	ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Telecommand N/W,	Bangalore
itibang Indian Telephone Industries
?kmc    KMC (Medical College?)
lrde	Electronics and Radar Development Establishment
micront	Microland Ltd	
microin Microland Ltd
naac	National Assessment & Accreditation Council,	Bangalore
nalsic  NAL CD-ROM Facility
ncb     NCST, Bangalore
?nttf   Nettur Tech. Training Foundation
psi	PSI Data Systems
rri	Raman Research Institute
sasi    SASI
sclbang	Bangalore VLSI Design Centre, Semiconductor Complex Limited	
sirnetb INSDOC
ssdc    SSDC, ISRO.
stpbang Software Technology Park
tally	Peutronics Pvt.Ltd.,	Bangalore
swabiman Aeronautical Development Agency
tifrbng TIFR Centre, IISc Campus
uvce	University Visveswarya College of Engineering,	Bangalore
belbang	Bharat Electronics,	Bangalore
yantra  Centre for AI and Robotics

bcmsu   Bioinformatics Centre
railsc  Railway Staff College
rscbrc	Railway Staff College	Baroda

mact    Maulana Azad College of Technology 
epco    Environmental Planning Coordination Organisation 

iopb    Institute of Physics
ocac    OCAC
puri	Institute of Physics,	Bhubaneswarr.
utkal 	utkal university

agni    Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research
*barct1 Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Trombay
bcclb	Times of India, Bombay	
bcdb	British Council Division, Bombay
bisch	Bombay International School	Bombay
bkbom	Mr. B.K. Yogini, Bramha Kumaris
bnce	Babasaheb Naik College of Engg.	Pusad
bomhosp	Bombay Hospital	
cccm	cccm	Bombay
cccm2	National Centre for compostional	,Characterisation of materials 
	board of radiation ,bombay-94
chbu	Chemistry Dept., Bombay University	Bombay
cife	Central Inst. of Fisheries Education	Bombay
cmcb    Computer Maintenance Corporation Ltd
cmie    Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy Worli
ditl	Datapro Elect.Pvt.Ltd.
ertlw	ERTL 	Bombay
fmrl	Foundation for Medical Research	Bombay
frontie Frontier Software
georgel	King George	Bombay
giced   Garware Institute, University of Bombay
gssl	Geometric Software Services Company Ltd,	Vikhroli
gtsl	Global Telecom Services Ltd.	Thane
hindbom Hinditron, Bombay
htilbom	Hinditron, Bombay	Bombay
hwb	Heavy Water Board, DAE	Bombay
iigm0   Indian Institute of Geomagnetism
*iitb   Indian Institute of Technology
  |---------->> cc      Compter Centre
                cse     Computer Science Deptt.
                ee      Electrical Engg Deptt.
                gateway ERNET project

ilbom	Centre for Education and Documentation	Bombay
?intec  M/s. Intec Ltd.
iogpt	iogpt panvel	panvel
irste	Indian Railway Signalling and Telecom 
ncnote2 UUCP account on shakti
*ncst   National Centre for Software Technology (NCST)
ncml    Naval Chemical and Metallurgical Laboratory
nitie   National Institute for Training in Industrial Engineering, Powai
note1	A/C for Laptop,srm	Bombay
npcvsb	Nuclear Power Corporation, Bombay	Bombay
origin  Origin Technology in Business (India) Ltd, Bombay
online	Online services, Bombay
pti	Press Trust of India	Bombay
puphy	Deptt. of Physics, Punjab Univ	Chandigarh
rdc	Ravi Database Consultant	
riil	Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Ltd	Bombay
rtn	UUCP account for Ratan Tata	Bombay
sameer  Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering and Research
sanghvi	bombay
sdn	SDN workshop, Bombay
sebi	Securities & Exch. Board of India	
sirnet  Bombay node for sirnet
sndt	SNDT,	Bombay
tcs     Tata Consultancy Services
terna	TERNA Engineering College,	Bombay
tifr    Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (CYBER NOS)
#tifrvax Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (Vax VMS)
tmc	Tata memorial Centre,	Bombay
usisbom	USIS	Bombay
vedbom	Vedika Software Pvt Ltd	BOMBAY
vesit	vesit	Bombay
vjti    Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute
vvcet	Vidya Vardhini's College og Engg & Tech.	Bombay
xtech   St. Xavier's Technical Institute

burdwan University of Burdwan 

becs	Bengal Engineering College,	Shibpur
bose    Satyendra Nath Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences
boseinst Distributed Information Centre, Bose Institute
cmccal	CMC, Calcutta
clib0	Calcutta Library Network,	Calcutta
cucc	Calcutta University
ecracu	Eastern Centre for Research in Astronomy,	Calcutta
erdccal	Electronics Research and Development Centre,	Calcutta.
ertle   ERTL East, Calcutta
gadmpr	GADMR,	Calcutta
gistcal	Global Information Systems Technology Pvt Ltd,	Calcutta
iacs    Indian Assoctation for Cultivation of Science, Jadavpur, Calcutta
?iimc   Indian Institute of Management
isical  Department of Computer Science, Indian Statistical Institute
iuccal  Inter University Centre 
jadav   Department of Computer Science Jadhavpur University
kbcscal Indian Statistical Institute (KBCS Group)
klyuniv	Kalyani University,	Calcutta
?nicac  National Information Centre on Advanced Ceramics
nerist	NERIST node	calcutta
saha    Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
usiscal	USIS	Calcutta
vbharat Visva Bharati Computer Centre, Shantiniketan
veccal  Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre
vedika  Calcutta	

cedtcal CEDT, Regional Engineering College
reccal  Regional Engg. College 

csio    Central Scientific Instrumentation Organisation
imtech  Institute of Microbial Technology
        (Micro Biology Centre of TIFR)
rcc-chd Regional Computer Centre
ttchan  Teachers Training Institute,Chandigadh	chandigadh

cochin  Computer Science, Cochin University
cusat   University of Science & Technology , Cochin University.

psgtech PSG College Of Tech., Coimbatore

deal    Defence Lab
irde    Instrument Research and Design establishment,	Dehradun
soidd   Survey of India

aes     American Embassy School	New Delhi
aicte   All India Council of Technical Education
aiims   Biotech Department, All India Institute of Medical Sciences
aima    All India Management Association
altc    ALT Centre, Ghaziabad
altos   Altos Computers Pvt. Ltd.
arce    Archives and Research Centre for Ethnomusicology
bcdd    British Council Division
bhel    BHEL Corporate Office
biotech	Biotech Consortium India Ltd
boolean Boolean Software
cared	Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere,	New Delhi
cari    Centre for Aging Research Institute
catech  Chief Advisor Technologies, Ministry of Defence
ccm	Centre for Community Medicine, AIIMS,	New Delhi
cdacd   C-DAC, New Delhi
cdedse  Centre for Development of Economics, Delhi School of Economics
cdotd   Centre for Development of Telematics, Akbar Road
cdotp   C-DOT, Pusa Road Office
cemd	Centre for Educational Management & Devvelopment,	New Delhi
cmcdel  Computer Maintenance Coporation
cmied	Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy,	New Delhi
cpcb	Central Pollution Control Board
cris    Centre for Railway Information Systems
dacsa   Defence Advisory Committe, DRDO
dbt     Department of Biotechnology
dceng	Delhi College of Engg.,	New Delhi
dcmds	DCM Data Products , R & D,	New Delhi
delnet	Delhi Library Network
desidoc Defence Science Inforation and Documentation Centre
dgh	Directorate of Hydrocarbons,	New Delhi
difr	Defence Institute of Fire Research
dipas	Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences
dit     Delhi Institute of Technology
dod9	Department of Ocean Development, Block 9,	New Delhi
dod12	Department of Ocean Development, Block 12,	NewDelhi
*doe    Department of Electronics, Government of India
  |------------>>  doexm    DOE lan

dop	Department of Post
drac	Defence Recruitment Assessment Centre	New Delhi
dsas    Defence Scientific Advisor Secretariat
dtrl	Defence Terrain Research Lab	New Delhi
ducos	Delhi University, Cosmology Group	New Delhi
dxm     Rishab Aiyer Ghosh, Consultant
dxmail  Office Automation Node at DOE
edcil   Education Consultants India Ltd.
eilhq	Engineers India Limited, Headquarters,	New Delhi
eilrnd  Engineers India Ltd., R&D Div.. Gurgaon 
envis	ENVIS H.O.Paryavaran Bhavan
erdcin	Electronics research & Development of India,	New Delhi
eurolink  Eurolink Overseas (Pvt.) Ltd.
fmsdu	Faculty of Management Studies,Delhi University	New Delhi
gbpuat	G.B.Pant University of Agriculture and Technology,	Pantnagar, UP
gail	Gas Authority of India Limited
gistdel Global Information Systems Technology
hiv	National AIDS Project		Delhi
iautgc	International Association of Universities, Tenth General Conference	
icarkb	ICAR, Krishi Bhawan,	New Delhi
icco	India Canada Corporate Office,	New Delhi
idrc    International Data Research Centre
ieg     Institute of Economic growth
ignca   Indira Gandhi National Centre of Arts
iilm	Institute of Integrated Learning Management,	New Delhi
*iitd   Indian Institute of Technology
iiutgc	International Universities Tenth General Conferrence	New Delhi
ilo	International Labour Organisation,	Delhi
imid	International Management Institute,	Delhi
iocrnd	Indian Oil Corporation, R&D Centre	New Delhi
iocdel	Indian Oil Corporation, Scope Complex,	New Delhi
iris    NIIT, R&D unit
isid    Indian Statistical Institute
isidev  Institute for Studies in Industrial Development
issa    Institute for System Studies and Analysis,
        Ministry of Defence
isstd   Institute of Social Studies Trust
jiva	JIVA Institute of Vidya Academy,	Faridabad
jmi	Jamia Millia Islamia ,	New Delhi
jnu	School of Computer Sc., JNU	New Delhi
jnuniv  Jawaharlal Nehru University
khosla  V.K.Khosla, SUN Micro Systems 
lbsnaa	Lalbahadur Shastri Academy for Administration	Delhi
mandev  Management Development Institute, Gurgaon
mathrdu	Math Dept, Rani Durgavati University,	Jabalpur
medinst	AIIMS - Computer facility,	Delhi
mlsu	Mohanlal Sukhadia University,	Udaipur
mms	Mira Model Sr Sec School	New Delhi
molrnd	Modi Olliveti Limited,	New Delhi
nasscom	NASSCOM	, New Delhi
ncaer	National Council Of Applied Economic Research
ncmrwf	National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting	Delhi
ndc	National Defence College,	New Delhi
niae    National Institute for Adult Education
nii     National Institute of Immunology
nissatd Nissat Project, DST.
niua	National Institute of Urban Affairs	New Delhi
nsc     Nuclear Science Centre
ntpc	NTPC, Corporate Office 
ntpcdt	NTPC, Technical Director	New Delhi
ntpcn	NTPC,account for X-mail
ntpcpmi	NTPC, Power Management Group,	New Delhi
ntpcrd	NTPC,Research & Development, Noida	
occ     Oil Coordination Company
pbi	Punjabi University,	Patiala
recham  Regional Engg. College, Hamirpur
riverun Compsoft services (p) Ltd.
safal   Mother Dairy
sagdrdo	Scientific Analysis Group, DRDO
sasehq  Snow and Avalanche Study Establishment
scldel	Semiconductorr Complex Ltd,	Noida
sclchd	Semiconductorr Complex Ltd,	Chandigarh
sdalt	Society for Development Alternatives
secyedu	Secretary, education, govt. of India	New Delhi
sgindia	Silicon Graphics India Pvt. Ltd.
shill	Conference at Shillong	Shillong
sirnetd CSIR 
sitd	Special Investigation Team, CBI	
snt     Inter Software Technologies
spa	School of Planning and Architecture,	New Delhi
sspld   Solid State Physics Laboratory
stpi    Software Technology Park India
tcsd	Tata Consultancy Services
teri	Tata Energy Research Institute
tibetnet Tibet Network	Delhi
tichq   Technical Information Co-ordinating Headquarters,
        Ministry of Defence
tifac   Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council
toi     Times of India
ttdsvc	Sri Venkataswara College	New Delhi
uceap	University of California, Education Abroad Programme,	
udyogn	Udyogini, New Delhi	
ucms    University College of Medical Sciences
udsc    University of Delhi, South Campus
ugc	University Grants Commission	
uicsa	Rani Durgawati University,	Jabalpur
uncaer  National Council of Applied Economic Research
uncdel  UNICEF
undp    United Nations Development Program
undcp	United Nations International Drug Control Program	New Delhi
unfpa	UNFPA	New Delhi
unhcr	UNHCR,	New Delhi
unv     United Nations Volunteers  
usisdel	United States Information Centre,	Delhi
vcmugc	Vice Chairman, UGC	New Delhi
veddel	Vedika Software Pvt Ltd,	New Delhi
wesee	Weapon & Electronic System Engineering Establishment,	
who     World Health Organisation
winrock Winrock Pvt. Ltd
wrmav	World Health Organisation	New Delhi
wwf     World Widelife Fund
wwfind	World Wide Fund in India	New Delhi

?bcgoa  Bioinformatics Centre, NIO
etdcgo	ETDC Goa
gce	Electronics Test and Development Centre	Goa
gim	Goa Institute of Management	Goa
goagovt	UUCP account for the CM Goa,	Goa
nio     National Institute of Oceanography
pccg	Srimati Parvatibai Choughule College. Margao, Goa	GOA
unigoa	University of Goa	Goa
irm     Institute of Rural Management
msub	Faculty of Tech & Engg.	Vadodara
patel   Department of Computer Science, Sardar Patel University., Anand
svrec	R.E.C	Surat

etdcgw  ETDC, guwahati
gohati  Guwahati University
iitg	Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati	Guwahati

ahrd	Academy of Human Resources Development,	Hyderabad
apaul	Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University Library	Hyderabad
anra    Advanced Numerical and Analysis Group
asrchyd	American Studies Research Centre,	Hyderabad
blh	British Library, Hyderabad	Hyderabad
cmch    Computer Maintenance Coporation Limited
csi	Computer Society of India	Hyderabad
derl    Defence Electronic Research Laboratory Chandrayanagutta Lines
dmrl    Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory 
drdl    Defence Research & Development Laboratory
ecil    Electronic Corporation of India Ltd
eptri	Environment Protection Training & Research Institute,	Hyderabad
etdchy	ETDC
icsai	ICSAI	Hyderabad
icfai	The Institute of Charted Financial Analysts of India.Hyderabad
jnidb	Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Developmental Banking.	Hyderabad.
nfc	Nuclear Fuel Complex.	Hyderabad
nrsa    National Remote Sensing Agency
ou      Osmania University
ouastr	Department of Astronomy  Osmania University,	Hyderabad
rci     Research Centre Kanchanbagh Imarat
uohyd   School of Physics, University of Hyderabad

cat     Centre for Advanced Technology
etdcin	ETDC Indore	
gsits   GSITS, Indore
sob     School of Biotechnology
sobin	School of Biotechnology, Indore	Indore
spirit  Spiritech International

bv      Banasthali Vidyapeeth
etdcjp  ETDC
recjai  Regional Engg. College

rmce	Russi Mody Centre for  Excellence,	Jamshedpur
telco	TELCO 
tisco	Tata Iron and Steel Company Pvt. Ltd.,	Jamshedpur

dlj     Defence Labs, DRDO
cazri   Central Arid Zone Research Institute

hbti    Harcourt Butlur Technological Institute 
iitk    Indian Institute of Technology

cdri    CDRI
itrc	Industrial Toxicology Research Centre,	Lucknow.
rdso    Research Design & Standards Organisation 
sgpg    Sanjay Gandhi P.G. Inst.

krec    Karnataka Regional Engineering College
asrm	Academy Of Sanskrit Research ,	Melkote

iitkgp  Indian Institute of Technology

sumath  Shivaji University, Maths Dept, Kolhapur

reck	Regional College of Engg., Kurukshetra	Kurukshetra

bethel  Bethel Agricultural Fellowship, Salem
bcdm	British Council Division, Madras
bharati Bharathidasan University, Trichy
bioinau	Bio Informatics Centre, Anna University
bioinpu	Sub Distributed Information Centre, Pondicherry	
bioint	Tamil Nadu Veterinary & Animal Science University
cgc	Crystal Growth Centre, Anna University	
chrimed	Medical College, Vellore
cmcmas  Computer Maintenance Corporation
criil	Computer Resources International Pvt (india) Ltd
cvrde   Combat Vehicles Research & Development Estate
etdcms  Department of Electronics
igcar   Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam
ilmas	IndiaLink	Madras
*iitm   Indian Institute of Technology
imsc    The Institute of Mathematical Sciences
iobm    IOB
kis	Kodaikanal International School	
madphy  Nuclear Physics Deptt.,Madras University
mcc     Madras Christian College
niclai	Central Leather Research Institute
nicrys	National Information Centre for Crystallography	
nilgiri Nilgiri Tahr Project, Nilgiri
niot	National Institute of Ocean Technology	Madras
note2	laptop a/c for Dr. Ramani at iitm	Madras
ncnote1	LapTop A/C for Dr. Ramani	Madras
rect    Regional Engineering College, Trichy
relab   Reliability Laboratory, DOE
sard90	M.S.Swaminathan Research Foundation
scem    Sameer, Department of Electronics
shar    SHAR Centre
sirnetm CSIR, Madras
srmc    Sri Ramchandra Medical College
ssf	Spic Science Foundation,	Madras
ssf     SPIC Science Foundation, School of Maths
ssftwo  SSF Second account
tanuvas Tamilnadu Veterinary & Animal Sciences University.
telcom  R. Sridharan, DGM, DOT, Erode
tnau	Tamil Naidu Agriculture Univ	Coimbatore
unimad  University of Madras
usismad USIS Madras

bic-mku Bio-Informatics Centre, Madurai Kamraj University

mnglr   Mangalore University., Mangalangothri

mcte    Military College of Telecomunication Engineering

nicfos  CFTRI 
?sjce   SJ College of Engineering

bcneeri Bioinformatics Centre, Neeri. 
nee	National Environmental Engineering Research Institute	Nagpur
neeri   National Environment Engineering Research Institute
vrce    V.R College of Engineering

ronast 	Royal Nepal Academy of Science and Technology
mosnepal Merchantile Office Systems, Kathmandu
racooty Ratio Astronomy Centre, Ootacamund

ceeri	CEERI
?bits   Birla Institute of Technology & Science

alil	Alfa (Laval) India Ltd,	Pune
arde    ARDE Pashan
bahasia	Continental Board of Counsellers in Asia
bioinfo	Bioinformatics Centre, Pune Univ. Campus
ccoew	Cummins College of Engg for Women,	Pune
cdac	CDAC,	Pune
coep    College of Engg
cmepune	College of Military Engineering
cromp   Crompton Greaves
cwprs   Central Water & Power Research Station
dc      Deccan College
depl    Data Pro Electronics Pvt. Ltd
energy	PRAYAS, Initiatives in Health, Energy, Learning & Parenthood	Pune
erdcp   Electronics research and Dev. Centre
fcpl    Frontier computers Pvt. Ltd
gcesh   Government Engineering College
gmrt    Giant Metre-Wave Radio Telescope Project (TIFR)
iat     Institute of Armament Technology 
intrix	INTRIX Systems Pvt. Ltd,	
iucaa   Inter-University Centre for Astronomy & Astrophysics
jayakar Jayakar Library University of Pune
mimh    Maharashtra Institute of Mental Health
nar     National Aids Research Institute 
ncl     National Chemical Laboratory
nfatcc	National Facility for Animal Tissue and Cell Culture,	Pune
nibm	National Institute of Banking Management	Pune
osmania Osmania University, Hybd
parcom  Centre for Development of Advanced Computing
pict	PUne Institute of Computer Technology,	Pune
prayas	PRAYAS, Initiatives in Health, Energy, Learning & Parenthood	Pune
pucsd   Pune  University Computer Science Dept.
puelsd  Pune  University Electronics & Sc. Dept.
pune    Department of Electronic Science, University of Pune 
rde     Research and Development Engg 
shivaji	INS Shivaji,	Pune
spirax  Forbesons Tech Centre,	 Pune
stpp    Software Technology Park	Pune
stppune Software Technology Park
terc    TELCO Engineering Research Centre 
trddc   Tata Research, Design & Development Centre
tropmet Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology
unipune University of Poona, CS Department
vxindia Veritas (Frontier Software)

rshu    Ravisankar University., School of Studies in Physics
rsinf	Pandit Ravi Shankar Shukla University,	Raipur

uor     University of Roorkee

mceme  Military College of EME., Secunderabad
taxila	Takshasila Education Society,	Secunderabad

nbu     North Bengal University

recsri	Regional Engineering College,	Srinagar

cdit    Centre for Development of Imaging Technology
kfri	Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi	Trichur
erdct   ER & DC , Trivandrum
rrltvm  Regional Research Laboratory,
triveng	Tiruvengadam Engineering College	
univker	university of kerala, trivandrum
vssc	Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre	,Trivandrum

banaras	Banaras Hindu Univ.,	Varanasi

cmc     Christian Medical College

andhrau Andhra University

recw	Regional Engineering College,	Warangal

+ International e-mail gateway. via UUNET, USA
# Site(s) connected to BITNET as well. via CERN, Geneva
* Site(s) having a sub-domain (The list of known domains is given)
? Connectivity to this site is being verified
=======================================================end of document========

Newly added sites:

cmchs		CMC House
hoechst		HOECHST
cedt		Marathwada Univ Campus
dart		Dataline & Research Tech(I) Ltd.	
icici	        icici	
aptc	        aptc	
ugrh	Garhwal University	Garhwal
nls	National Law School of India University,	Bangalore
rci	Research Centre, IMARAT	Hyderabad
nimbkar	Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute,	Pune
ycmou	Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University,	Nashik
astra	Astra Research Centre India,	Bangalore
cccm1	National Centre for Compositional Characterisation of Materials	Hyderabad
unifem	UNIFEM	New Delhi
bioalpha	BIO ALPHA	Pune
bioinfo	Bio Informatics.	Pune.
imd	Indian Meterological Department	Delhi
nos	National Open School	Delhi
apctt	Asian & Pacific Centre for transfer Of technology	Delhi
ampindia	AMP (India) Pvt. Ltd.	Bangalore
nie	The National Institute of Engineering.	Mysore
rurkiu	University of Roorkee	Roorkee
ntpceoc	NTPC Engineering Office Complex	Delhi
pec	Punjab Engineering College	Punjab
nccs	National Centre for Cell Sciences	Pune
ampindia	AMP (India) Pvt. Ltd.	Bangalore
barc	Babha Atomic Research Centre.	Trombay
clcr	Centre for Liquid Crystal Research.	Bangalore
iasst	Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology,	Guwahati
dpsrkp	Delhi Public School, R K Puram	New Delhi,
dpsvv	Delhi Public School, Vasant Vihar	New Delhi
dpseok	Delhi Public School, East ok Kailash,	New Delhi
uso	Udaipur Solar Observatory	Udaipur
refugees	U N High Commission,	
aripune	Agharkar Research Institute,	Pune
krishna	Anandashram,	Pune
deaun	Department of Economic Affairs, MOF.	New Delhi
sgedcil	Support Group, EDCIL.	New DDelhi.
adinet	ADINET	
kumaon	Kumaon University, Nainital	Nainital
cenvigil	Central Vigilance Commissioner,	New Delhi
nipfp	National Institute of Public Finance Policy	New Delhi
cenvigl	Central Vigilance Commissioner	New Delhi
iari	Indian Agricultural Research Institute	Delhi
upso	Uttar Pradesh State Observatory	Nainital
sidharth	Sidharth Educational Academy	Vijayawada
abc	adc	rav
sidharth	Sidharth Educational Academy	Vijayawada
milan	VSAT Nodes collective login	STP, bangalore
csrti	 Central Sericultural Research & Training Institute,	Bangalore
abs	Amity International School	New Delhi
cipet	Central Institute of Plastics Engg. & Tech.	Mysore
mul	Mysore University Library	Mysore
dfrl	Defence Food Research Laboratory	Mysore
aiish	All India Institute of Speech & Hearing	Mysore
gju	Guru Jambeshwar University, Hissar	Hissar
usefid	The United States Educational Foundation in India,	New Delhi
dabang	Development Alternatives,	Bangalore
clrpune	Centre for Learning Resources,	Pune
fas	Father Angel School	New Delhi
krcl	krcl	Konkan Railways
sainya	Telecommunication Engineering	Mhow (MP) - 453 441
mri	Mehta Research Institute	
irm	Institute of Rural Management	Anand
imsc	Institute of Mathematical Science	Madras
rurkiu	University of Roorkee	Roorkee
rscbrc	Railway Staff College	Vadodra
unigoa	University of Goa	Goa
mnrec	Motilal Nehru Regional Engineering College	Allahabad
gkpu	Gorakhpur University	Gorakhpur