Personal Page with content mostly from college days

Rajiv Pant “Betul”
a Good Guy Grasping to Get God, Glory & Gold and a Girlfriend

Personal Information

Name: Rajiv
Family Name: Pant
Nickname: Betul (My Grandmother gave me my nickname.The Hindi word baeta means son;
The Sanskrit liyuch lakaar means someone beloved. Thus Betul would mean a loved son.)
Birthday: October 16

Family & Home

Places I’ve lived in:
  • Manhattan, New York City
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Silicon Valley, California
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Uttarakhand, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) Campus, New Delhi, India
  • A small town called Bhowali near Nainital, Uttar Pradesh (now Uttarakhand), India

I loved to play Chess when I was a child. I was once playing a tournament that would have decided my chess future. I had a winning position, and my opponent, in despair, was saying to himself, vinaashkaalae vipreetbuddhi (a verse in the Sanskrit language meaning when my end comes, my mind fails.) I was too excited as I was going to win a place to go for the national finals. There were very few pieces on the board and it was the usual endgame I remembered having won countless times. Just then in my excitement, I placed my rook where a novice wouldn’t have. In my next move, I resigned without hesitation. He shook hands and said to me, (in Hindi) “You play very well.” I came home, and said to myself over and over: vinaashkaalae vipreetbuddhi.

Yes, and I too like many others learned Shotokan Karate for a couple of years followed by Tae-Kwon-Do for another few.

Here are the items currently in my shopping wish list at Since I shop at many other places besides, and I don’t track many of my wish list items here, this list at any given time does not tell you much about my tastes. It is just there as a note to myself (and my close ones) of what I’m thinking about buying.